‘Memory’ emerges out of a need to classify and endeavors to mold a poetics of living in a photographic set. Thought as a diary into which the narrative keeps on missing, it questions the abilities of images to archive the immateriality of time.
In an age when every instant can be easily seized and shared with no delay, this project interrogates the contemporaneous rhythm of image recording and offers a temporality slowed down by an interior pace intimately linked to the blind experience of film photography. The continuous flux of images rewinds the chronological thread in search of a remedy to the irrevocable.
Initiated in 2015 and thought on the long term, the work maps the unsaid through a collection of memories that corresponds more to paths crossed than to moments lived. The essence of the past gets encapsulated in a series of contextless images. The places get confused with their experience, without leaving any readable sign to decipher.
‘Memory’ is an exercise of temporal reduction marked by an innate nostalgia of an eluding present.

Memory I, 36 page zine, self-published, 2022. 

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