In January 2022, I decided to cure my Instagram addiction by disappearing from the digital space and not using the selfie function of my mobile anymore as the pictures often ended exhibited in the story section of my account. It felt like all the photographs I took on a daily basis with my phone were thrown into a gigantic trash on which the Meta ogre fed itself to exist. As an image-maker I wanted to give meaning to these productions and turn the logic of mobile photography into something less subject to immediacy.
Caught in a 9:16 vision of reality, we sometimes choose to see a scene or a landscape through the screen rather than through our eyes. This change in our perceptions could lastingly turn us into peripheral beings more dedicated to building an outer, artificial skin than a tangible self. To what extent do these brand new worlds affect us and leave our lives marked by the seal of the technological transitions we are witnesses of ?


Test prints for Diary of Disappearance, 2023

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